I once had a job where they sent me on a business trip on my first day working.

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As I was telling the rest of the group, we're heading to Australia.

Wow! When do we leave?
Now. The company helicopter is waiting on the roof to take us to the airport.

But I can't leave the country without my passport.
Thanks a lot, Jane Fonda.
Not a problem. We've dispatched a team to pick them up from your apartments.

The better not touch my figurines.
They're going through my stuff?!

Don't worry, it's in your nightstand. They don't have to rifle through much.

How do you know where--
--and I have tickets for all of us.

We're flying commercial?

It's 10,000 miles away. The only jet we have that can fly that far is being used to ferry orphans.

Oh, it's time for the Ayatollah's transplant already?