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Share & Enjoy!

The first way to support us is to keep reading the comic. If you like it, we figure this one will take care of itself.

Then after you read it, share it! Share it with your friends, your family, your enemies, and everybody who you think might enjoy reading SL. We love readers and want more — after all, how can we take over the world without readers?



If you like throwing money at things, we like catching it. One way you can send us donations is through PayPal.

  • Donate any amount and we will (if you want) list your name or appropriate pseudonym¬† on our Sponsors page as a “Donor.”
  • Donate $5 and you can choose a premade character drawing as your avatar on the site.
  • Donate $30 and the listing will include a drawing of you as an SL minion. The drawing of you will be used as your avatar on the website, indicating that you are a donor. We will also send you a higher resolution digital version of the drawing.
  • Donate $50 and we’ll send you a signed print of the minion drawing.



Are you interested in becoming a patron of Sturgeon’s Law? We are using Patreon to accept funding. As a Patron, you get some great benefits!

Patreon isn’t quite like Kickstarter and Indigogo, where supporters are funding a giant project. Instead, you are giving us small tips/funding for each piece of content we release; in this case, for each regular page of Sturgeon’s Law’s main storyline (we’re not counting Bonus Comics or blog posts as content for this purpose).

You set how much you want to tip us per page of the comic, and when those pages come out, Patreon keeps track of the details and handles the back end stuff (they take about 3% for paying credit card transaction fees and 5% for their administration — they are a business after all). You can cancel your patronage at any time and you can even set limits on how much you will fund (in case we somehow become absurdly prolific one month, or something).


Amazon Associates Program

Sturgeon’s Law is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program. When you begin your Amazon shopping experience from the Amazon Search tools on our site, every purchase you make helps support us.


The Future

Are you interested in merchandise? We are deciding on a merchandise plan, but knowing that you want to buy swag from the comic will help us develop things for you to sink your hard earned money into. If you have a specific idea for stuff you want, shoot us a message.