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Ah, good timing, Rakesh; I just finished filing your paperwork. Let's go get someone in legal for you to intern with.
Mr. Hornstein, this is Rakesh Sankaran.

How do you do?
Bernie also attended College State University.

Go Fighting Mascots!
Terrific. I think we could use your help with one of our new clients.

Basically, the client wants to reduce the accepted molecular weight of Sulfur Dioxide in order to increase their Cap-and-Trade holdings.
That... that's horrible.

No, it's actually quite lucrative.
I mean it's grossly unethical.

No, it's completely legal.

That's not the same thing.
And you want to become a lawyer?

Yes, to stop projects like that.

Our work seems perfectly reasonable to me.
It's awful!

We'll have to agree to disagree.

Agree to destroy the environment? It's monstrous!
If you say so. Look, I'm not a fancy big-city lawyer.

Yes you are! That's exactly what you are!
Oh. Then I just don't care.