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We can use foreign languages?


Time to put my anime experience to good use.
Hello! I am from Japan!

All right.
<Happy water times! I am hotel to go want much.>

<Are you trying to speak Japanese?>
<Thank you, I do. The name of me, it is Jenn McGreggor.>

<Can we switch to a language you actually speak?>
<One person is for the room. I call the hotel and I get room.>

<I heard you speaking English with your parents. Why don’t we try that?>
<I like to see the television with the bird that the bird can fly and fight many evil.>

<Please take your key and go away.>

<Thank you!>
*sigh* All right, Rakesh, time for your schtick.
My name is Rakesh Sankaran. I have a reservation.

Here you go.
You’re my favorite one by far.

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