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G'day, Mr. Fitzroy!

Where is the prisoner?
Him? We let him go; he was just some random idiot.

Definitely an idiot, but not random.
Did he look like this? And was he with a blonde woman in a tank top?

Isn't that William Faulkner?

We did get reports of a woman like that in the parking lot, but...
Dammit! You should have detained them both. It's clear what's going on here.
Of course! William Faulkner disguised himself as a wombat and, with the help of the ghost of Eudora Welty, tried to hack our mainframe and steal our technology for growing dinosaurs!

That would make a good buddy-cop movie.
Are you on drugs, or just stupid?

I'm a 38-year-old man dressed as a platypus who cleans up dinosaur poop all day.
So... both?