Q: Why is the Golden Dingo award made out of crystal?

A: If you have to ask, you’re not rich enough to understand.

↓ Transcript
It’s way too early.

It’s a couple of hours to Cretaceous Park.
Where’s the intern?

Back in town. I’m having him establish a front there, in case anyone checks our backstories.
Isn’t our backstory that we’re tourists?

That’s only the first one. There are several layers, in case anyone sees through that one.
The second is that we’re representatives of a multinational trying to set up a cheap hospital for sad orphans as a tax dodge.
We had a scheme like that at PierceCorp, and it worked well. It’s also great publicity.
This year’s Golden Dingo Award for Outstanding Innovation in Orphan Monetization goes to... PierceCorp!
In the right circles, at least.

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