It’s like voodoo economics.

↓ Transcript
Ms. Granger? Can I get reimbursed for these expenses?

You have to fill out the paperwork first.
I have it all here.

And three copies of each receipt.

And 8x10 color glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what it is.
I have them.

You need the expenses approved by your supervisor.
Which one? I have three,

All of them; but my records show that you have four.

Well, I haven't seen Mr. Ansmith in weeks.
Oh, that's because he retired.

So I don't need his approval...

He's still technically your supervisor, so you still need it.
Ummmm... can I get his home phone number from HR?

You'd need a Ouija board. By "retired" I meant "died."
So... am I ever going to be reimbursed?