If you are wondering if that bar is actually securing max around his neck, a better question is how he got it over that huge schnauze.

Also, for some reason I drew the coaster’s car wheels in detail around the tracks (yes, the standard 6 coaster wheel brace) even though they were going to be hidden by the trough the cars are in. Sometimes I’m not the most efficient artist.

↓ Transcript
Pardon me, official mascot business.

It’s Okay, I’m a wombat.
Mascot coming through!

Shouldn't you be at your station?

I have to inspect the ride for Jellyfish!

Or dingos. Whatever!

Sharks! Brown Snakes! Funnel Web spiders! crocodiles! Rabid Koalas! Taipans! Blue Ring Octopi! Marble Cone Snails! Death Adders! Ninja Kangaroos! Laser wielding Cassowaries!