I had to have Thomas explain this one to me. Apparently, the feces of wombats is shaped like a cube.

When I worked in tech support, I wanted to run away, too.

↓ Transcript
Wikipedia says that wombats can’t even fly spaceships.

You don’t have to be a wombat expert. Just bluff your way through it.
There’s a radio in the headpiece. We’ll help you if you run into trouble. Now slip in through the park with the other mascots.
I'm in!

Now you need to find a building that looks like--
Ack! Kids!

Distract them!
Hi! I’m Wombert the Wombat! I live in Australia and eat plants!
I poop in a cube!
So do the folks in tech support.

If we let them leave the cubicle farm, they'd probably run away.