↓ Transcript
Rotate retrograde.

Rotating retrograde.
Antinormal 15 degrees.

Antinormal 15 degrees.
Deceleration burn in 30 seconds.

Go away, Max, I'm busy.

But I'm not feeling well.

(Burn in 20 seconds.)

Can you do anything about it?
(Burn in 10 seconds)

Here, one of these will probably work.
It's fine; I'm a doctor.

(27 second burn in 3...)

Not the medical kind.


(Pfft, you sound just like that judge.)
Errr... I'll pass.


Then quit whining.

(Go for burn.)

This is a team effort; we're all in this together.
Pilot, I said go for burn.

Shut up and do it yourself! Ass.

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